Thursday, 12 October 2017

Photographer Photoshops Himself Into His Childhood Photos

What would your childhood photos look like if you could travel back in time right now and be there when they were shot? Photographer Conor Nickerson decided to use his photography and Photoshop skills to find out. For his new project Childhood, Nickerson seamlessly inserted himself in old childhood snapshots from nearly 20 years ago.

“Myself hanging out with myself, c. 1997-2005,” the project’s description says.

Nickerson says he originally got the idea for the project while working on a “Then and Now” series last year that showed the same locations across time.

“So when I was looking through my old photos I must have thought of that, because I decided I wanted to see if I could pull off the same thing with my own childhood photos and I went for it,” Nickerson tells PetaPixel.

It was a time-consuming project. Working on the editing in his spare time, Nickerson took about 6 months completing the series.

“There was a lot of trial and error involved so I was often going back to retouch older photos with techniques I learned from editing newer ones,” he says.

The biggest challenge was matching the look and feel of the old images, which required blurring, sharpening, and adding artificial noise.

You can find more of Nickerson’s work on his website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Image credits: Photographs by Conor Nickerson and used with permission

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