Wednesday, 11 October 2017

A Before and After Look at the Magic of a Photoshop Artist

Photographer and visual artist Antti Karppinen has been reimagining photos using Photoshop for over 23 years now. Here’s a before-and-after look at how Karppinen is able to take plain portraits (shot in studios, garages, and outdoors) and turn them into dreamlike images.

A Desert Road

A Rainy Alleyway

Fire in a Rowboat

Jack Sparrow Riding a Turtle

Bazooka in Warzone

The Last Clean Air

A Stormy Relationship

A Warrior from an Action Figure

Assassin at the Gate

A Surreal Seascape

“I have been using a motto ‘imagine anything’ to describe my work since I’m able to create pretty much anything I see in my mind or whatever I need to create,” Karppinen says. “Photography is always the starting point so I feel that I’m definitely also a photographer, but then the creative retoucher kicks in and I’m able to turn those images into something else.”

You can find more of Karppinen’s work on his website and Instagram.

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